The agricultural business is a major consumer of plastics with a very diverse range of applications. These applications cover the entire value chain from, for instance, soil conditioning to packaging of foodstuffs. Masterbatches sold in this business must provide a wide variety of functionalities and in line with our commitment to provide the right solution for our customers Corbi Polymer has developed a comprehensive range of concentrates. These concentrates have been developed to offer a variety of functionalities:

flashCorbi White Masterbatches - CORWHITE® series
flashCorbi Black Masterbatches - CORBLACK® series
flashCorbi Color Masterbatches  - CORCO® series
flashCorbi Filler Masterbatches - POWER® Series
flashCorbi Additive Masterbatches - CA® Series:
flashCA® - FOG, Antifog Masterbatches
flashCA® - LIGHT, UV-absorbers Masterbatches
flashCA® - ANOX, Antioxidants Masterbatches
flashCA® - AID, Polymer Processing Aids Masterbatches

The above functionalities are formulated in concentrates that can target a wide variety of applications, some examples are: 

- Non-wovens and agrotextiles such as those used in crop protection and soil conditioning.
- Films, which find a wide variety of uses such as greenhouse polytunnels, mulch film or bale stretch wrapping.
- Geomembranes used in landscaping and waste disposal.
- Packaging, used along the entire value chain, both rigid and flexible.

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