Rigid Packaging


The rigid packaging industry has a very strong hold in the plastic packaging market. Even in a market as broad as rigid packaging Corbi offers molders an opportunity to deliver new and advanced products. We are a leader in developing products that offer better aesthetics for applications such as caps and closures, bottles and drums, crates, trays and more. 


flashCorbi White Masterbatches - Titanium dioxide - CORWHITE® series 
flashCorbi Black Masterbatches - Carbon black - CORBLACK® series
flashCorbi Color Masterbatches - transparent & opaque colors - CORCO® series
flashCorbi Filler Masterbatches - POWER® series
flashCorbi Additive Masterbatches - CA® series:
flashCA-ANOX, Antioxidant Masterbatches
flashCA-LIGHT, Ultraviolet Stabilizer Masterbatches
flashCA-BRIGHT, Optical Brightener Masterbatches
flashCA-STAT, Antistatic Masterbatches
flashCA-NUC, Nucleating Agent Masterbatches
flashCA-FLAME, Flame Retardant Masterbatches
flashCA-FRAG, Fragrance Masterbatches
flashCA-IMPACT, Impact Modifier Masterbatches

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