Black&White Masterbatches


flashBlack Masterbatches

As a leader in black masterbatches, Corbi offers innovative formulation that provide quality and consistency for our customer's applications. Corbi's dispersion technology and row materials expertise, enables processors to achieve the highest degree of opacity, using minimum quantities of masterbatch. Corbi"s products are also engineered to provide greater synergies with a wide variety of additives such az processing aids, ultraviolet stabilizers, antioxidant, antistatic, slip agent and more, resulting in additional profit to your bottom line. Corbi black masterbatches can help you impart desirable properties to your end product like: Durability against extreme weather conditions, UV stability, High-temperature resistance, Conductivity properties


Exceptional dispersion and highly consistent quality

Ease of processability and distribution

Easy flow/low viscosity products

Highly loaded products up to 40%

Low loaded products for tinting

Base resins: Polyolefin (PE/PP) and Engineering resins (ABS/PS)

Proprietary and customer-specific formulation

With or without fillers

Attractive price/performance ratio


Automotive compounding

Injection molding, Blow molding & Roto molding

Cable sheating compounds

Non specification pipes, Drain age pipes, Conduits

Films including garbage bags

Mulch films & Geo textiles

Lamination application with higher MFI

HIPS, ABS, PP Molded and Extruded products

PP Non woven bags

flashWhite Masterbatches

Our white masterbatches are formulated with high-end pigments that ensure optimum opacity, easy processing and the right shade of white for your specific needs. They are used extensively throughout the thermoplastics industry and can be engineered to incorporate a wide range of additives such as ultraviolet stabilizers, antistatics, processing aids, antiblocks, antioxidants, slip agents, flame retardants and etc.


- Excellent dispersion and easy to incorporate

- Base resins: Polyolefins (PE/PP) and Engineering resins (ABS/PS)          
- Masterbatches with an extremely variable concentration of white pigment up to 80%

- Highly consistent quality
- High flow to facilitate fill of complex injection molds
- Proprietary and customer-spesific formulations
- Free flowing pellets
- More than 1000 white masterbatche formulations
- For indoor and indoor applications
- With or without fillers
- Attractive price/performance ratio
- Manufactured with high quality micronized rutile Tio2


Films requiring very high opacity

- Very thin gage films
- LLDPE & metallocene LLDPE rich films for oil & milk flexible pouches
- Multi layer and mono layer films
- TQPP & BOPP films
- None critical application films with higher thickness
- For high output machines
- Injection molding, Blow molding & Rotomolding application
- Thermoforming applications
- HIPS sheets for disposable cups & other similar applications
- Woven sacks & FIBC bags
- PP Non woven fabric


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