Extensive and comprehensive line of CA® additive Masterbatches supplies unique and unprecedented opportunities to manufacturers for improving polymeric, physical, mechanical, chemical properties and application as well as product’s final quality, yielding and cost optimization. Besides, Corbi Polymer is able to produce synthetic masterbatches of blend of color and favorite additives with special application according to customers’ order.

 Antiblock (CA® – Block)  Antifog (CA® – Fog)  Antioxidant (CA® – Anox)  Antistatic (CA® – Stat)  Anti UV (CA® – Light)
Flame Retardant (CA® – Flame)  Processing Aid (CA® – Aid)  Nucleating Agent (CA® – Nuc)  Optical Brightener (CA® – Bright)  Slip Agent (CA® – Slip)