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Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging industry is a large market with a wide range of segments and products. The primary function of packaging materials is to protect the product from physical-, chemical and microbiological deterioration. Continuous change of people lifestyle, push masterbatch- and film manufacturers into innovation and developments of new concepts. Food packaging takes herein a major role as a high demanding segment, often searching for exceptional properties.  Flexible packaging is produced either by blown-, cast or orientation process. To fulfill all consumer needs, often primary packaging materials are converted by lamination, extrusion coating, etc. into a final product. Flexible packaging became a key element for product differentiation by its appearance. The wide type of packaging materials in combination with all kind of printing techniques allows the creation of a unique product.

Corbi serves the flexible packaging with following masterbatches:

♦Corbi Color Masterbatches: CORCO® series
♦flashCorbi Black & White Masterbatches: CORBLACK® & CORWHITE® series
♦flashCorbi Filler Masterbatches: POWER® series
♦flashCorbi Additive Masterbatches: CA® series:

CA® – SLIP, Slip Masterbatches
CA® – BLOCK, Antiblock Masterbatches
CA® – ANOX, Antioxidant Masterbatches
CA® – LIGHT, Ultraviolet Stabilizer Masterbatches
CA®– NUC, Clarifier Masterbatches
CA® – BRIGHT, Optical Brightener masterbatches
CA® – AID, Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatches
CA® – FOG, Antifog Masterbatches
CA® – STAT, Antistatic Masterbatches