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Wire and Cable

We provide total solutions for wire and cable industry with the ability to meet diverse global regulatory and product specifications. Our masterbatches are available for wide range of applications such as: Electrical wiring, House wiring, Telecom wiring, Automotive wiring etc. We assure high quality standard, excellent dispersion with good electrical properties.


♦Corbi Color Masterbatches: CORCO® series
♦flashCorbi Black & White Masterbatches: CORBLACK® & CORWHITE® series
♦flashCorbi Filler Masterbatches: POWER® series
♦flashCorbi Additive Masterbatches: CA® series:

CA® – FLAME, Flame Retardant Masterbatches
CA® – ANOX, Antioxidant Masterbatches
CA® – LIGHT, Ultraviolet Stabilizer Masterbatches
CA® – AID, Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatches
CA® – STAT, Antistatic Masterbatches