Our products include color Masterbatches CORCO® series, black and white Masterbatches CORBLACK® & CORWHITE® series, Filler Masterbatches POWER® series, as well as a full range of additive Masterbatches CA® series from antiblocks, antifog and antistatic to flame retardants and UV inhibitors. Every year our experts produce more than 10,000 different Masterbatches in individual color variations. We feel responsible for the satisfaction of our customers and identify with their products, offering creative solutions based on our proven experience. Our commitment to innovation is driven by a passion to advance our customers’ businesses through our deep understanding of their industries and the global trends that impact their operations. The strategy is that of placing the client at the center of our attention guaranteeing our fullest commitment to satisfying his most diverse requirements.

When it comes to the modification of plastics, you are on the safe side with products from Corbi Polymer. We look forward to advising you personally.

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