corbi Polymer, relying on its experience as well as its scientific, practical and commercial ability, and using the world's latest technology and the most advanced production lines, along with the representatives of this group in all parts of Iran, considers itself committed to follow up the requests of customers and meet their needs. Since 1357 Corbi Polymer Having a wide laboratory collection of blown film lines and injection and air molding, we are able to provide almost any color for any application. Color masterbatch We have marketed thousands of colors in almost all types of resins. CORCO® corbi Polymer, as one of the pioneers in the field of black masterbatch, has invented a formulation that has brought quality and color stability to our customers' applications. Black and white masterbatch Creating desired features in your final product CORWHITE® - ®CORBLACK


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We commenced our occupation as one of the first major sellers and distributors of raw material and additives with application in plastic industries, specifically Masterbatches in 1978 and honorably introduced ourselves as one the primary masterbatch manufacturers in Iran on 1989. Following 1991, with establishing Corbi Polymer Manufactory (former Irco Masterbatch), we have extended our scope in the field of manufacturing, dispensation and distribution of a variety of Masterbatches and have successfully gone, up to now, a path through progression.

Relying on experience, pragmatic, scientific and merchandising abilities along with applying modern technology as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing lines and numerous sales agencies in different parts of Iran and neighbor countries, Corbi Polymer commits himself to following and obviating the customers’ fundamental requests. Having benefited from technical, qualified, experienced and trained staff in different fields of purchasing raw materials, manufacturing, quality control, sales as well as after-sales-services, Corbi Polymer is ready to assist respected manufacturers in the area of consulting, procurement, production and delivery of their essential articles.

Applied industries

Carbipolymer masterbatches have been used with almost all polymers and plastics-oriented processes and applications.

Carbide polymer masterbatches have been used with almost all polymers and plastics-oriented processes and applications. We have extensive experience in the production of masterbatches used in single and multi-layer films, as well as in blow and injection molding, extrusion and other processes. Key markets for our products include, but are not limited to, agricultural and greenhouse film markets, packaging industries (flexible and rigid), home appliances, automotive, and cable and wire coating. We help our customers get the most out of our masterbatches by offering a wide range of services. We invite you to view the following categories for more information and to know more specialized applications in each type of product.


It is considered one of the major consumers of plastic and includes various applications. These applications span the entire supply chain, from land preparation to food packaging.

Wire and cable industry

Our masterbatches are designed for a wide range of applications such as electrical wiring, home wiring, telecommunication wiring, automotive wiring and the like.

Packaging Industry

Each type of packaging has its own requirements in terms of extrusion or packaging molding or the final characteristics of the packaging material.

Electrical and digital appliances

As a pioneer supplier in the field of specialized polymer materials in thermoplastic compounds and paints and additives, we are able to develop unique and effective compounds for any electrical or electronic application.

Home Appliances

Our masterbatches help suppliers come up with innovative designs to improve the performance of their products and put them into practice.


In the outer part of the car, components such as the top of the bumpers, handles, and the body of the car, and in the inner part of the car, plastic parts such as door covers, front dashboard, seat belt, center console, handles, seat soles, seats Public vehicles, dashboards, upholstery and knee rests require our products.

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Applied industries


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